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Greek Prime Minister announces 5 pillars of their maritime policy

  • 1.  Greek Prime Minister announces 5 pillars of their maritime policy

    Posted 08-09-2019 10:48

    The Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced 5 pillars of maritime policy during a visit to the Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy.

     The 5 key points are:

    • "Seagoing shipping – Our intention isto make the national flag again attractive to Greek shipowners, but also to drastically strengthen the maritime education framework so that we can bring more young children to the sea and provide them with quality education to pursue a professional career. in an area where our country has great comparative advantages.
    • Ports  – Starting with the flagship and important port of Piraeus, we will be able to quickly launch, in collaboration with private investors, significant investments that will upgrade Piraeus and make it a global competitive port and also a viable port. our port policy so that our ports operate efficiently and safely.
    • Maritime tourism – The tremendous opportunities that are open to maritime tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism will make Greece a pioneer in maritime tourism and of course make full use of the very important revenue that maritime tourism can bring to our country.
    • Island policy  – 15% of the Greek population lives in islands and we discussed with the leadership of the ministry to explore the possibility of a specific sectoral program for island policy under the new NSRF so that we could finally have a single funding tool for to support the actions to support our islands, and especially small islands that need a special framework of care and support.
    • Safety at sea – It is inconceivable in an island country to have so much choking. In collaboration with civil society and extremely interesting NGO actions, we will make full use of the technology's potential so that in collaboration, the Ministry, the Port and the private sector can ensure that we can swim in the seas safely."