Will Fediw

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• 6 years of strategic stakeholder relations experience involving federal, state, and local industry stakeholders in nation’s 7th and 11th busiest ports by tonnage, developing key relationships.

• 10 years of exceptional operations & industry advocacy experience in the energy and maritime sectors; previous Vice Chair of the Louisiana Energy Export Association (LEEA), company representative to the Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators (SIGTTO), and former military External Affairs Officer.

• Successfully led regulatory approval process for over $47 billion dollars’ worth of capital projects; led multi-jurisdictional team of federal, state, and industry personnel in safety and security analysis of 12+ projects.

• Successful multidisciplinary project development experience from two multibillion-dollar capital projects, including site selection, federal, state, and local permitting, zoning, and permit application management.

• 8 years of maritime regulatory compliance inspections experience; U.S. import/export facilities (breakbulk, container, petrochemical, LNG) & U.S.-flagged & foreign-flagged vessels (deep-draft and shallow-water)